• Explorers Program

    Explorers Program – Open to youth ages 12-17 as an
    introduction to law enforcement. This drug-free program instills leadership and team-building abilities. Mentoring and
    tutoring assistance are also offered.

  • Senior Care Program

    Senior Care Program – This program offers enhanced
    protection and provides better communication and interaction with the public. Elderly residents or persons with disabilities will complete a form (enclosed) and then call the police department during certain hours each day to establish a well-being check. If a call is not made by the resident, an officer will visit the home and confirm the well-being.

  • National Night Out

    National Night Out (Public Relations) – Involving the community as a whole to educate and provide awareness, crime prevention, and safety tips.

  • Operation Safe Neighborhood

    Operation Safe Neighborhood (Public Relations) – This program provides continuous police interaction with youths while in school and the community. It will allow students and children to become more open to communicating with police and discuss any criminal activity in their school or surroundings. The measureable outcome will be positive response from parents, teachers, youth and community

  • Gun Buy-Back Program

    Gun Buy-Back Program (planning stage) – This event program takes guns off the streets and out of the hands of juveniles, adults, and elderly persons. A gift card or a pair of shoes would be given in exchange for any gun brought to the event. This program would facilitate stolen guns being recovered, and provide for a safer community.