The Town of Eatonville hosts a parade celebration every year that the community takes pride in. This celebration is filled with fun, families, and food. Although the parade is the main event, the Town hosts an array of events to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.


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The Zora festival is held every January in honor of “Eatonville’s Daughter” Zora Neale Hurston. During this week long festival, we host a variety of events and concerts. This festival consists of an array of arts, food, music, and dance, just to name a few. This festival is an event the community takes pride in and makes a success every year.

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Every year the Town of Eatonville Recreation Department host the Kwanza event. This Annual Traditional African holiday is celebrated every Kwanza here in Eatonville. At this event you can enjoy a cultural experience including food, music, art, dance, and crafts. Although this event is not all week long like the old tradition is, it is held as an all-day event to ensure that everyone gets a full Kwanza experience.