Mayor Anthony Grant

Welcome to the Mayor’s Office. Since taken office in 1997, my vision has been to make the Town of Eatonville “a town that accommodates everyone.” We have so much to be proud of, like our unique and diverse neighborhoods, our thousands of beautiful trees, the country’s “Oldest Incorporated Black Municipality in America”. Eatonville is also ‘Rich in Fiber’ with one of the highest level of fiber optics in the region. Making our Town highly desirable to hi-tech companies. We are minutes away from the City of Orlando and the world’s biggest tourist attractions, such as Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios. When people tour the amusement parks, they regularly stop by the “Town that Freedom Built,” Eatonville. We are a small Town, walking community, big in cultural history, and we are on the move! We have 99-acres of developable land that will be under construction by January 2017. The plan is to enhance our home-town historic community with the amenities of a high-tech environment.

We have miles of beautiful biking trails, and there is never a shortage of recreational activities and, of course, we have one of the best climates in the world. Our Town is in the midst of a big revitalization in which we will create hundreds of new jobs as we build a state of the art historic museum, amphitheater for art and entertainment, more restaurants, and housing. We are in close proximity to dozens of restaurants serving the freshest ingredients prepared by some of the finest chefs in the world.

It’s an exciting time to be in the Town of Eatonville as we transform our wonderful
Town into a world-class place to live, work, and play.

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Current Residents

Black Men

Year Founded

The Town of Eatonville was founded by three Union officers, Captain Josiah Eaton, Captain Lewis Lawrence and another officer who is unknown. Following the Civil War, these men left America to settle in South America but during their voyage they turned back and settled in Florida.
To give a little background, at this moment in time there were black in Central Florida who had been brought there by Seminole and Cherokee Indians. The Indians had stolen the black slaves from many states along the coast. Over time, many of the Indians and former slaves that did not move west, stayed in Central Florida.
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